Imagery Analysis Of Gary Soto's Poem Based On Biographical Perspective

Tsalatsatun Andini
Journal article Progressive • February 2016

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(English, 12 pages)


Understanding literature is important in learning a language. Literary work have some types; fiction, drama, prose, poetry, etc. Poetry is an idea of poet's feeling and perception in one way communication, so that readers can find a lot of methapor, imagery, symbolism, and the others figurative languages uses by poets to show and express their feeling, thought, mind, and perception. One intrinsic element of poetry is imagery. Imagery is the use of language to represent actions, persons, objects, and ideas descriptively. There are five types of imagery; visual, auditory, oflactory, gustatory, and kinesthetic imagery. This thesis purposes to analyze imagery used in Gary Soto's poem; Oranges and Ode to La Llorona, and to find the relation between his poem and his life background. Descriptive qualitative and library research are the method used in analyzing data. The study shows that mostly types of imagery found in Soto's poem is visual imagery. Using the combination of tactile, kinesthetic, visual, and auditory imagery, the poet features the appearance of La Llorona and through Oranges, he gives a vivid description about the places where he lives, the circumstances and the weather when he recounts his experience dating with a girl. Those two poems are a reflection of his childhood in Fresno, California.





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