Evaluasi Dua Calon Varietas Unggul Melon Di Sumatera Barat, Jawa Barat Dan Jawa Timur (Evaluation of Two Superior Variety Candidates of Melon in West Sumatera, West Java, and East Java)

Nfn Makful • Nfn Hendri • Nfn Sahlan
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • December 2017 Indonesia


The availability of new varieties of melon that suitable to the consumers demand will lead this commodity more marketable so that can increase farmers' income. In general, expected characteristics of melon are sweet, crisp, strong-scented, rind nets, and long shelf-life. There are two candidates of melon hybrid that are being evaluated. The evaluation test of two candidates of melon varieties has been done in 2012. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the two candidates of new varieties (MB1 and MB2 genotype) in three planting locations and to obtain new candidate of melon varieties. The research was conducted in Sumani (Solok, West Sumatera), Subang (West Java), and Banyuwangi (East Java). A randomized block design was used in this experiment with four treatments [two hybrid melon candidates: 86H (MB1) and 78M (MB2)] and two other melon varieties (Tropika and Glamour) as comparator, and each treatment was replicated six times. Each experimental unit consisted of 30 plants. The result showed that there were interaction between location and genotypes on the weight and total soluble solid (TSS) characters. Fruit weight character and total soluble solid of 86H/MB1 genotype had regression coefficient (βi) > 1, it mean that genotype had below average stability, while 78M/MB2 genotype had regression coefficient (βi) < 1, that mean genotype above average stability. Based on test results in three locations obtained information accession with highest weight on the planting location in Banyuwangi namely genotype 86 H/MB1 2.35 kg, Tropika 2.68 kg, genotype 78M/MB2 2.05 kg and Glamour 2.21 kg. The highest TSS fruit on planting location Sumani namely genotype 86H/MB1 with TSSºBrix 12.47, Tropical 11.71ºBrix, genotype 78M/MB2 12.88ºBrix, and Glamour 11.89ºBrix. Furthermore, the net percentage of skin melon genotype MB1 on Sumani location is 86% and Banyuwangi is 88.67% with net texture smooth, slightly below of varieties Tropika 89,5% and Glamor 89%.




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