Aspek Psikososial pada Penderita Kanker Payudara: Studi Pendahuluan

Siwi Setya Utami • Mustikasari Mustikasari
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Nursing • July 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Breast cancer is the most kind of cancer that occured in women in Indonesia. Cancer is concerned as uncurable disease, gate of death, disturbance of activities, and problem in physical appearance. Breast cancer patients may have psychological problems. This aim of study is to see the correlations between breast cancer and participants' characteristics with psychosocial aspects. The amount of participants is 44, while this study uses cross-sectional design. The result is almost all of variables do not correlate to depression, anxiety, and stress, meanwhile there is a correlation between education and anxiety (p value=0,041). Generally, patients are able to adapt with their illness even though there are some psychosocial problems sometimes that fortunately do not disturb their activity. Training and program about assessing and overcoming psychosicial problems should be done by nurses to increase patients' psychosocial wellbeing. For further research, anxiety as the most prominent psychosocial problems in breast cancer patients can be studied.




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