Thickness Dependence of Magnetic Switching Dynamics of Barium-Ferrite as a High-Density Perpendicular Magnetic Storage Media

P. P. Aji • F. S. Rondonuwu • N. A. Wibowo
Journal article Indonesian Journal of Physics Education • July 2017

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(English, 7 pages)


Micromagnetic study of material thickness dependence of Barium-ferrite nano-dot magnetization dynamics has been performed. The used materials characteristics in this research represent the properties of Barium-ferrite. Barium-ferrite was modeled as a nano-dot with a surface area of 50 50 nm2 and its thickness varies from 5 nm to 100 nm. This nano-dot was simulated using micromagnetic simulator software by solving Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation. According to this study, obtained that the Barium-ferrite nano-dot has excellent thermal stability. Magnetization rate of this nano-dot decreases exponentially with the increase of thickness. The fastest magnetization rate observed in 5 nm of nano-dot thickness, meanwhile 45 nm for the slowest rate. Magnetization reversal mode of this Barium-ferrite nano-dot is dominated by domain wall nucleation and propagation. During the propagation of the domain wall, the exchange interaction becomes the main aspect compared to the other contributed energies.




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