Pengaruh Pemupukan terhadap Kacang Tanah di Lahan Tadah Hujan Sumatra Barat

Azwir Azwir
Journal article Jurnal Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Teknologi Pertanian • November 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


Influence of fertilization on peanut in rainfed lands in West Sumatra. Generally, crop productivity in rainfed lowland of West Sumatra is relatively low due to limited available water especially during dry season and soil nutrient status. The main objectives of this assessment were to obtain adaptive varieties and suitable fertilizer packages for peanuts production in rainfed lowland and rainfed highland. The assessment was conducted in two rainfed field locations, i.e. in Lurah Ampalu village, Padang Pariaman District (55 m asl/lowland) and in Koto Gadang Guguk Village, Solok District (885 m asl/upland) from July to November 2015 using Split-Plot Design with three replications. As the main plot was three fertilizer package while as the subplot was five peanut varieties (Hypoma-2, Takar-1, Takar-2, Jerapah, dan Kelinci). The results showed that the five peanut varieties significantly affected crop yield on both rainfed fields, while the three fertilization packages significantly affected crop yield only on rainfed lowland field. The yields in rainfed lowland field were higher than in rainfed highland field. Potential peanut varieties suitable for rainfed lowlands are Takar-1 and Takar-2, whereas in rainfed highland are Hypoma-2 and Kelinci varieties. For both rainfed areas the highest peanut yield was obtained in the fertilizer package based on soil nutrient status, i.e. for lowland 50 kg, Urea 25 kg, TSP 45 kg, KCl 2 tons of manure and 200 kg of Dolomite, while for higland 50 kg Urea, 75 kg TS, 50 kg, KCl 1 ton of cage manure and 200 kg Dolomite.varieties, peanut, fertilizer, rainfed land




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