The Influence of Control System on Employee Performance at PT. Bank Sulut (Persero) Amurang

Christovel Alfreds Daniel Rawis


To improve the employee performance of PT. Bank Sulut (Persero) Amurang for their employees in order to supporting human resource division, and introduce what will be required to serve them extremely well in future. Bank Sulut has been using control system on employee performance. This research is conduct in Amurang, North Sulawesi. The objectives of this research are to analyze the influence of control system on employee performance at Bank Sulut Amurang partially and simultaneously. This research is the causal type of research where it will investigate the influence of elements on employee performance. Use multiple regression models to answer the research problem. The population in this research are all the employees of Bank SulutAmurang, whereas samples taken by each respondent 70 respondents. The hypothesis testing, this research conduct a conclusion of there is a significant influence of environment, technology, structure, size, strategy and cultureon employee performance at Bank Sulut Amurang simultaneously and partially. This study reveals that culture has influential factors of controlling system at Bank Sulut Amurang, which can support the employees in order to achieve their goals. Keywords: control system, employee performance.




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