Pemahaman Masyarakat Kecamatan Mergangsan, Gondokusuman, Umbulharjo dan Kotagede YOGYAKARTA Terkait Antibiotika Studi Pendahuluan dalam Pengembangan Materi dan Metode Edukasi dengan Pendekatan secara Kualitatif: Diskusi Kelompok Terarah (Dkt)

Titien Siwi Hartayu • Yosef Wijoyo • Lucia Wiwid Wijayanti
Journal article Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Community • 2013 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


Antibiotics will be used safely when it is used rationally, and rational use of antibiotics need an appropriately of knowledge. In accordance to achieve appropriately knowledge about antibiotics, it is important to identify the level of knowledge about antibiotics to improve an educational method and material about antibiotics. As a qualitative study using focus group discussion (FGD) among residence of Four Sub-district in Yogyakarta City, e.g.: Mergangsan, Gondokusuman, Umbulhardjo and Kotagede. There was eight key person of each sub district involved in the study. The inclusion criteria are: Residence of one of the four sub-districts with age above 17 years old, willing to attend the activities. The exclusion criteria are: residence with Pharmacy education background, moving limited and mental disability. Results of the study show the characteristic demography of the participants are: 5 Female and 3 Male, age range from 40 to 52 years old, with educational level: 5 participants are high school graduated and 3 participants are University graduated. All of participants are key person of each sub district whose familiar with the residences and the environmental where they are living. All of participants mention that they do not know about antibiotics et all including resistance and other risks of irrational use of antibiotics. All of participants asking for complete information about antibiotics which simple, accessible and could be socialized through the routine activities in every sub district e.g.: PKK (mothers gathering). In conclusion, the level of participants' knowledge about antibiotics is still low, and need to be improved. Complete information about antibiotics in a simple form has to be developed as an educational material.




Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Community

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