The Qualitative Study of Key Performance Indicator on PT. Jiwasraya Manado

Geby Melisa Rangian • Ferdinand Tumewu


Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is one of the most common tools used by the employees of companies to help manage more effectively and guide their progress. To perceive how far the achievement and the performance of the company, PT. Jiwasraya Manado use the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) to reveal the performance of the company. The objective of this study is to analyze the importance from the implementation of the key performance indicator for the insurance employee. There are several facts that become consideration or reason to conduct this research which are: Theories supporting this research are human resource management, performance, and key performance indicator. The population observed is employees of Jiwasraya manado. This research has identified that the most important implementation of Key Performance Index on Jiwasraya employees in Manado is both sales revenue and training. Because when the sales revenue is high, obviously the self conscious of the employees will surface. Moreover, the on-the-job training is also important for the employees. The training has a purpose to make them better on the performance daily. By getting more knowledge and more experience, the performance of the employees will be better.




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