Kewenangan Negara terhadap Penyelidikan Kecelakaan Penerbangan Sipil Internasional di Laut Lepas Menurut Hukum Internasional (Studi Kasus Pesawat Malaysia Airlines Mh370)

Eriec Firman, Mochammad Havis Yanuar, Shelma Karamy
Journal article Serambi Hukum • January 2015 Australia • China • Malaysia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 21 pages)


This research aims to know whether Malaysia Airlines MH370 accident investigation authority has been in accordance with the provisions of International Law. The type of research was normative and prescriptive. The approach used statute approach and case approach. The source of this research are primary data source and secondary data source, while data collection techniques using literature techniques. Based on the study of the research, the result of observation is, in International Law aircraft accident investigation regulated in Chicago Convention 1944 on Annex 13 Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigation. When the plane crashed at high seas, the state of registry is responsible for conducting the investigation, assisted by the state of the operator, state of design, state of manufacture, and other states as participants. There are five countries involved in investigation: Malaysia, UK and USA (as state of design and manufacture), Australia, and China (as investigation participant). The investigation authority of aircraft accidents Malaysia Airlines MH370 has been appropriated with the provisions of international law. Keyword: investigation authority, aircraft accident, high seas Keyword: investigation authority, aircraft accident, high seas




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