Tinjauan Viktimologi dan Perlindungan Hukum Korban Kekerasan dalam Pacaran

Dyah Prita Wardani Yossy Setyanawati
Journal article Serambi Hukum • January 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


This article explores violence against women in dating which has been so far ignored by goverment in case to formulate regulation crime of dating violence. It shows how women are threatened injustice and discrimination by their partner that is qualified in dating violence. This article also explain about dating violence in focus victimology. It is explain about the type of dating violence suchlike physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, and emotional abuse. It is also disscuss about how could women be a victim of dating violence based on their personality as a victim, their role to be a victim, typological of a victim, trespass€™s degree, and victim€™s qualification. This article€™s method assessing this issue with normative approach. Data analysis is based on in literature study, impact, victim and cause of dating violence. The aim of this analysis are to make sure that dating violence is a serious problem which should be paid more attention by public and goverment. Keywords: victimology, abuse, dating violence. Keywords: victimology, abuse, dating violence.




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