Pertimbangan Hakim Dalammemutus Perkara Hak Asuh Anak Akibat Terjadinya Perceraian (Studi Kasus Putusannomor : 0536/pdt.g/2012/pa.ska.)

Aziah Risma Jheria Dendy Setiyanjaya Nur Rohadi
Journal article Serambi Hukum • January 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 15 pages)


This research aims to find out the reasoning of judges in decided the matter of child custudy(hadhanah) in Surakarta Religious Court. This research includes normative research type which are prescriptive. The dataof this research includesprimary dataandsecondary data. Secondary dataisthe main datain this research. Tocollectsecondary dataused with literature studyordocuments study. Analytical techniques used are qualitative. The basic ofthisanalysisisdeductive, ways ofdrawing conclusionsfrom thingsthat arecommonto thedirection ofthe thingsthat are specific. Based onthisresearch, canbe concludedthat The judgesgranted the Plaintiffs suit entirely includingthe demands ofchild custodyandchildliving. Inclaimsregardingchild custody, the judgesassignPlaintiff(mother) who receivedcustody of the child. The judgesalso held thatthe Defendant(the father) has the righttomeetandhelpeducateandpourhis loveasa father. Judgesdecidetopunishthe Defendant(father) paysa livingchild(hadhanah costs) according to abilityandabilityDefendants.

Keywords: Custody, Child, Legal Consequences of Divorce Keywords: Custody, Child, Legal Consequences of Divorce




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