Improving the Services Early Childhood Education Teachers Through First Aid Training at Babies and Sick Children to Early Childhood Education Teachers in Blitar Area

Ning Arti Wulandari • Zaenal Fanani • Bisepta Prayogi
Journal article Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan • 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


First aid treatment is given to the person who got the accident or sudden pain that comesbefore getting help from medical personnel (Haryanto, 2013). The culture of women working in thepublic sphere encourages moms to find a replacement for his role in a while to nurture and educate herchild for Working Moms (Ariani, 2013). Infant and preschool child had an accident prone (Short andGray, 2009). Some of the things that encourages authors to perform community services through first aidtraining in infants and the sick children to early childhood education Teachers. The partners in thisactivity was PGTK Yaa Bunayya Kalipang Lodoyo;10 people and all of the early childhood educationteacher ABA 2 add up to 17 people. The method of this activity was to do a pre test, applications trainingthrough lectures and demonstrations continued with the post test and evaluation skills. After it wasdone an evaluation of the satisfaction of caregivers against first aid on sick children conducted by theteacher. The results were of 80 71% caregivers said satisfied with the first aid on babies and sickchildren, 71% of teachers have a good skill in providing first aid on babies and sick children. Based onstatistical tests with Wilcoxone signed rank test p = 0.000 showed any change of teacher knowledgeabout first aid on babies and sick children. Therefore, health and education should be create a newprogram in providing health services especially in early childhood education level.




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