Rancang Bangun Sistem Distilasi Air dalam Proses Pengolahan Air Bersih dengan Menggunakan Fresnel Lens Solar Collector

Anthony Wijaya
Journal article Magister Scientiae • 2016

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


Distillation system using direct solar energy, often called solar still, has been considered as the environmentally friendly system in utilizing solar energy. In this study, double slope solar still has been fabricated with galvanis basin for the test solution and also the addition of fresnel lens solar collector. The issues to be discussed include how much the average distilled water (distilant) can be produced from the system, so that the result can be compared to the theoretically distilant for obtaining an efficiency of the distillation system that has been fabricated. In distilant composition testing, salinity testing performed in both test solution (NaCl solution) and distilant, so it can be seen the reduction in salinity in the distillation process on the system. The measurement was conducted in May 2014, the average solar irradiation was recorded in the range 309.4 - 574.4 Watt/m2 and a system efficiency is obtained around 6- 8,2%. In salinity testing, the result showed that the salinity of distilant decreased by 96.42% compared to the test solution.




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