The Effectiveness of 4s's (Swaddling, Side, Shushing, Swinging) to the Neonates Heart Rate Post Venous Blood Sampling in Edelweis Ward RSUD Ngudi Waluyo Wlingi

Husna Rahmawati • Erni Setiyorini
Journal article Jurnal Ners dan Kebidanan • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Neonates experience changes in all the systems one of the most dramatic changes is thecardiovascular system. Neonates born in hospitals Wlingi all venous blood should be taken wherethe effect of this action is definitely cause discomfort which can affect the heart rate of neonates.Techniques that can improve the comfort of one of them with techniques 4S's (swaddling, side, shushing,swinging)Thepurposeofthisstudywastodeterminetheeffectonheartrate4S'spostneonatalvenousblood sampling.This research design using posttest only control group. The research wasconducted at room Edelweiss Ngudi Waluyo Hospital Wlingi for 1 month (5-29 November 2014).Subjects were neonates who meet the inclusion criteria. The total sample of 34 neonates in the twogroups of 17 treatment group and 17 control group. Sampling using accidental sampling technique.The collection of data through observation in the treatment group and the control group. Data wereanalyzed by T-test.The results showed heart rate is lower in the treatment group compare the controlgroup. The results of the statistical test showed P-valiu = 0.001 which means that there is aninfluence on heart rate 4S's post neonatal venous blood sampling.It is hoped with this study 4S'stechnique can be applied by health workers and parents to provide comfort in neonates.




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