Media Pembelajaran Berbasis Video Animasi pada Mata Kuliah Logika dan Algoritma 1

Rita Wahyuni Arifin
Journal article Bina Insani ICT Journal • 2017


The success of an educator in developing learning materials can be seen from theresults of student learning in each semester. The development of information technology becomesthe driving force to develop teaching materials become more interactive. This is in line withPermendiknas number 41 of 2007 regarding the learning process, where an educator is expectedto develop learning materials as one source of learning. Problems that arise is educators still cannot develop learning materials based on information technology with the maximum. The tendencyof many educators still use the concept of "student centered learning" in providing teachingmaterials to students, consequently the students become saturated, not interested in following thecourse materials because the lecture material presented with monotonous. In this study the authorsdevelop multimedia-based learning materials that is by making a storyline and create animatedvideo-based material with videoscribe software. The results of this study of materials logic andalgorithm become more interesting because presented in video format, so that students can playback the material and become understand about the material logic and algorithm 1 at eachmeeting.




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