Ekonomi Kreatif dan Inovatif Berbasis TIK Ala Gojek dan Grabbike

Henri Septanto
Journal article Bina Insani ICT Journal • 2016 Indonesia


Advances in Information and Communication Technology had a positive impact in various fields. One positive impact is the area of the creative economy. Those who are creative will always see a business opportunity behind the progress of Information and Communication Technology. Gojek and Grabbike are 2 pieces of creative ICT-based businesses. Both companies see tremendous business opportunities of advancement of Information and Communication Technology, although they are not a transport company but with a system of partnership both companies in a short time was able to partner with thousands of motorcycle owners who need work. The system of partnership offered by these two companies is a system for mutually beneficial results. Both companies are only taking a small percentage of the earnings of the motor driver, even the two companies still provide some additional facilities such as bonuses and insurance services to its partners. Gojek presence and Grabbike very helping thousands of people in major cities of Indonesia are having trouble finding a job or having trouble finding additional income. Through this business is not just motorists who benefited, the passengers also benefit from this business, because passengers no longer need to fear being cheated by the high rates, because the cost to be paid in accordance with the calculations provided by the application and Grabbike Gojek. Utilization of Information and Communication Technology creative and benefit all parties as this is expected to continue growing and innovating so that help and bring a positive influence to the society.




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