Sistem Informasi Administrasi Wedding Organizer Sanggar Widya Jakarta

Normah Normah
Journal article Bina Insani ICT Journal • 2017 Indonesia


Wedding is a very sacred and meaningful for every human being. Therefore, weddingorganizer is a business that must be taken seriously, given the importance of the wedding eventhandled. But unfortunately now the information system applied by the WO business is still donein a conventional way that is likely to cause problems in the future. The Wedding Organizeradministration information system supported by IT is required for all business related data suchas package price list, catering menu, party supplies stock data, booking transactions, partyequipment returns and payment can be properly managed, and related reports can be availablewhenever needed by Stakeholders, so that customer satisfaction, and employee comfort, andbusiness owners awake. Keywords: administration, information system, wedding organizer.  




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