Simulasi Jaringan Fast Ethernet Menggunakan Routing Protocol OSPF

Henny Leidiyana • Iqbal Fadjarudin


The Lack of redundancy of back-up links for static route customer needs on PT.GDAwhen an error occurs on the router port on the customer side cause the internet link or VPNcustomer becomes down. Redudancy using spanning tree on metro ethernet network side isalso less effective, because when doing rotation of link from primary to backup takes a long timeand often happened looping caused by allocation of customer VLAN- VLAN which in-forwad atspanning tree not in one direction. 2 public IP / IP point to point and 2 VLAN ID from PE routerand customer located on router side of customer static-route added preceference. In theethernet metro section to overcome the transfer of links from the master to the unnecessaryspanning tree backup can be converted to fast spanning tree protocol mode, and to reduce thecurrent looping of metro ethernet network infrastructure now needs to be built into the MPLSnetwork, for the purpose of the Layer 3 directly to the sub-tunnel interface.




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