Pembelajaran Pemrograman Berorientasi Objek (Object Oriented Programming) Berbasis Project Based Learning

Endang Retnoningsih • Jafar Shadiq • Dony Oscar


 Learning aims to help to gain experience both knowledge, skills, and values ​​in order to become increasing quantity and quality. For that education should be able to prepare human resources creative. The problems found in learning require creative thinking especially in programming learning, the ability to think algorithm is needed to make the program made as expected. Object oriented programming or Object Oriented Programming (OOP) provides convenience in making a program, because OOP programming has been using the concept of modularity of objects and classes. Java is an object oriented programming (OOP) programming language that can run on various operating system platforms, both on computers and on mobile phones. Alice can be used for Object-based programming learning, as Alice is a program designed to learn the basic concepts of computer programs while creating story telling and simple 3D interactive games. Alice can introduce the concept of fun programming through learning to create animations and games. Simply project-based learning using Alice can be applied with learning using animation technology with daily life problems. Project-based learning (project based learning) methods make it more active, creative and successful in solving problems with good and correct algorithms. The project-based learning model has advantages in improving learning outcomes and motivation.   Keywords: Alice, Object oriented programming, Project based learning




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