Computer Base Information System pada Sistem Informasi Akuntansi (Studi Kasus: Toko Canting Madura)

Normah Normah


  Accounting play an important role in the business world, stores Canting Madura stilllay in the use of information technology in the field of accounting. The management of financialdata manually using either Notepad and just rely on the archive or use the manual creationthrough Microsoft Office either Microsoft excel or Microsoft access, leading to many risks,including at the time of the transaction could have been penginputan there is a stone unturned,the missing log, errors in calculation, data manipulation, redudancy, difficulty in the search forthe data in the archive, until the making of the report still must be made manually , and it is likelyto cause delays in reporting. It not only takes a relatively long time, but can also cause hugelosses for the company, and also to the influential consumer confidence and investor. Moreover, accounting data in the processing steps that are performed are not few, and continuous (wrong input data 1 then the result to all other data will come into wrong) to produce financialstatements. The application of Accounting Information systems CBIS using accountingapplication as a case study, namely Zahir Accounting, can facilitate everything in data management business financial & shorten the time management, search data, can be used bymulti user with high security and detect any manipulation of data and reports being availableanytime. So the need for business information any unfulfilled financial & right at any time to thedesired time.




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