Mengenali Karakteristik Penggunaan Lahan dengan Statistika Spasial (Spatial Metrics)

Herlawati Herlawati • Rahmadya Trias Handayanto
Journal article Informatics for Educators and Professionals • 2017 Indonesia


Statistics are widely used to describe data. These data mostly non-spatial that doesnot involve the coordinates or the location of an object. Nowadays statistics have employedspatial data with new variables called spatial metrics. This article intends to use statisticalanalysis as a means of describing a spatial data in Jakarta Metropolitan Region (Jabotabek) asa research area. Fragstats was used as statistical analysis tool with the Idrisi Selva softwarev17 for satellite-image processing which was downloaded from Landsat satellites on the UnitedStates Geological Survey (USGS) page for two time periods, 1988 and 2015. Statistical analysisshows that land growth in the jabotabek area was dominated by infilling and edge expansioncharacteristic where land developments tend to fill the edges and empty spaces betweenexisting fields.




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