Alat Pengendali Atap Jemuran Otomatis dengan Sensor Cahaya dan Sensor Air Berbasiskan Mikrokontroler ATmega16

Elly Mufida • Abdul Abas


In the era of information and technology development, as now, peopleincreasingly creative be charger for making equipment that utilizes technology to lightentheir lives. Washing and drying clothes is the work performed by all human beings in theirdaily lives. In a family that many activities outside the home, home becomes less controlledconditions, particularly conditions which are on the terace clothes horse home. It becomes aproblem if there is rain or nightfall when the homeowner is not home. To overcome theseproblems, the authors designed a tool that can control a clothesline roof that can open andclose automatically in accordance with the intensity of the sun or rain. The author uses amicrocontroller ATmega16 as the central control automatic roof clothesline. Sensors arerequired on a clothesline automatic control device is a light sensor and a water sensor. Touse the light sensor LDR (Light Diode Resistor) and the sensor electrode as rain sensor.LDR is kind resostor the value of resistance is affected by light. While eletroda sensor is asensor that utilizes the conductance properties of a material. DC motors are used as drivinga clothesline roof that can open and close. C programming language is used to control the instrument as a whole, where the program code will be embedded into the microcontrollerATmega16.




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