Sistem Informasi Praktek Kerja Industri pada SMK Taruna Bangsa Bekasi

Abd Rohman • Herlawati Herlawati
Journal article Bina Insani ICT Journal • 2017


Industry Work Practice or commonly called the Job Training (PKL) is an activity that mustbe followed by every vocational students during school as a form of implementation of science or asan addition to an insight into the working world they will face in the future. Most vocational schoolhave more than one competence program and consists of several classes. Of course, there is thetask of separate schools in distributing each student to carry out industry work practice as a whole.Related division in charge is also required to present the data and information needs in order toreduce confusion as in the submission process. Information system of industry work practice neededto improve the performance of the school in distributing and processing data and information. Thissystem is developed using waterfall method. This method provides an approach of software workflowsequentially form analyzing, designing, coding, testing and supporting. Result of this system cancertainly help the activities of industrial work practice for each data and information are well integratedto facilitate each student to get information and the school process data from the process submission,industrial work practice until the report.




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