Sistem Informasi Penggajian KaryawanBerbasis Desktop

Imron Wignyowiyoto • Syahbaniar Rofiah
Journal article Bina Insani ICT Journal • 2017


The change from time to time make the development in the field of technology themore diverse. The transport sector, ranging from daily necessities to with existing systems at thecompany. One employee payroll system, i.e. in the payroll calculations needed some referto SOP of the company. So that the system can be built with the requirements andthe company's SOP itself. With the application of this employee payroll system can ease theprocess of data processing in timely, accurate and efficient so as to avoid delay and discord.Project Base Learning that is very helpful in developing the knowledge and creativity of studentsin implementing the material being taught. And by developing information systemsbased desktop payroll information can make for efficient data processing and accurate in order toprevent the existence of delays and a mismatch of data. Keyword: crystal report, employee, information system, payroll, visual basic




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