Teknik Frame Relay Dalam Membangun Wide Area Network Dengan Metode Network Development Life Cycle

Hendra Supendar • Yopi Handrianto
Journal article Bina Insani ICT Journal • 2017


Delivering company data remotely using free e-mail can certainly be a problem for PTTri Eka Daya Unggul, in addition to the nature of free e-mail is not secure, it can also cause dataloss or data move to another party. By creating a Wide Area Network (WAN) between the branchitself, then things like that are likely to be minimized. A frame relay technique and aided byNetwork Development Life Cycle network (NDLC) based development method then Wide AreaNetwork design is done, by connecting all routers in all branches with the help of a router cloud.The connectivity experiment is done by pinging from all branches to the respective router andalso to the cloud router, then proceeding to ping the client between branches with the other branchand the result, all the ping command is successfully replayed, none of which is worth request atimed out. This means that the definition of IP Address on the WAN network is working well. Keywords: e-mail, frame relay, Network Development Life Cycle, Wide Area Network




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