Weight Average Model (WAM) for Notebook Selections Dengan Multi-Criteria Berbasis Teknologi

Akmaludin Akmaludin
Journal article Bina Insani ICT Journal • 2017


Many approaches are often used in the selection process using the AnalyticHierarchy Process (AHP). AHP has a number of approaches in determining whether a decisionwhich gives the final result through the process synthesize. Synthezise process is a calculationprocess steps globally towards a partial decision in the earlier stages of the process which isillustrated by many criteria used in the preparation of hierarchy modeling. Weigh Average Model(WAM) is the crystallization of the AHP, which can provide different solutions with the samedecision result. This research is a development from earlier on the same product in the form ofNotebook Core i5, which made the process of multi-criteria test based technology. Modellingapproach used WAM is able to provide a solution-making the score against notebook productsoptimally, namely: The first priority for SAMSUNG with the weight of 0,347, then the secondpriority with the weight of 0,272 to Lenovo, and third priority to ASUS with weights 0,218, andthe last priority of the four product comparison namely Thosiba with 0,164 weights. Theseresults were obtained by using Weight Average Model. Keywords: Analytic Hierarchy Process, Synthesize, Priority , Weight Everage Model,  




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