Data Mining untuk Sistem Pengambilan Keputusan Menentukan Kenaikan Kelas Berbasis Web

Eni Irfiani • Fintri Indriyani


 The learning system in the world of education should ideally provide quality education for students involving mental, physical, emotional and social aspects. In education and teaching there are issues that are very complex and many things that affect the results of evaluation of learning, among other factors students and teachers. A common problem faced by students in high school is the low test scores that affect students who do not go to class. The availability of large amounts of data in education, raises the need for the use of hidden information and knowledge in the database. Data mining is generally used to find hidden knowledge in a database. To classify evaluation of learning outcomes need to be held collecting data quantitatively while the data obtained will be analyzed by using Algorithm C4.5. To reduce the problem, then in this research will be made a model to classify the increase of student class using Algorithm C4.5 where the result will be used for decision making in improving student learning Vocational High School. An information system application designed to support decision making using PHP My Sql. The resulting model will then be evaluated its performance by calculating the accuracy of the model in predicting using Confusion Matrix and ROC curve. The result of accuracy with 10 fold cross validation is 83.33%.        Keywords: Decision Making System, Data Mining, Web Based




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