Sistem Kendali Otomatis Hemat Energi pada Lampu Penerangan Jalan Tol LDR, Infrared dengan Mikrokontroler AT89S52

Taufik Tauladan • Fitri Latifah


The advances in science and technology today has produced many products -innovative products, we see the beginning points of the product - household products to otherequipment. An advance of this technology is an automatic control system that can be installed inelectronic equipment at this time, the implementation of the automatic control system is one ofthem intended for street lighting, Particularly for roads. Lighting, lighting is an inseparable part ofthe construction of the highway, tujian of lighting is to produce speed, accuracy andconvenience of vision at night, maintain the quality of visibility and Make it easier for vehicles topass. Lighting function of the highway, in addition to improving the safety and comfort of therider, especially in anticipation of the situation to travel at night also for environmental safety orprevent krimialitas as well as provide Kenyamman and The beauty of the environment. On thisbasis, researchers have tried to make a lighting control system in a highway where the output isan instruction to operate a control system.




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