Seleksi Calon Koordinator Marketing Provinsi Dengan Metode Multifactor Evaluation Process

Hani Bastiawati • Didik Setiyadi


The decision making process of the selection of provincial coordinator candidates is still done manually in the selection of candidate coordinator who has Criteria: diploma , department of diploma, work experience, interview, age, foreign language ability high. Where in the selection there are still some candidate provincial coordinators who received not in accordance with the desired. It is necessary to create an application that is able to determine the optimal selection of candidate coordinator who can assist HRD Management in making decisions. Making an application must be made carefully, so it looks easy to understand and the results are useful and satisfying for the users. For strategically influential decisions, more is recommended using a quantitative approach such as the Multifactor Evaluation Process (MFEP). In decision-making with multifactor, decision making is subjective and intuitive considering various factors that have an important influence on the desired alternative choice.   Keywords: Decision making, Provincial Coordinator determination, Multifactor Evaluation Process.




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