Fuzzy Principal Component Analysis Berbasiskan Teknik Repertory Grid untuk Konstruksi Personal dalam Pemahaman Pembelajaran Bahasa Pemrograman

Petrus Christo
Journal article Informatics for Educators and Professionals • 2017 Indonesia


Learning is a process that depends on experience and long-term change curveassociated with individual understanding. To be able to evaluate the understanding of individuallearning is necessary methods to analyze and dig up the information and eventually came to theconclusion that can be used as a foundation in terms of understanding learning. In this paperthe authors evaluate the understanding of the language programming in AMIK BSI and STMIKNusa Mandiri Jakarta using Principal Component Analysis and Fuzzy Principal ComponentAnalysis. The final result obtained using the method of Principal Component Analysis concludedthat as many as 63.640% using a flowchart, 25.683% using pseudo-code and 10.676% using aprogram in understanding learning syntax of programming languages. While the discharge ofdiscernment using Fuzzy Principal Component Analysis concluded that as many as 10.179%using a flowchart, 7.055% using pseudo-code and 5.275% use in understanding learningprogram syntax of programming languages.




Informatics for Educators and Professionals

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