Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Menggunakan Metode Profile Matching dalam Pemilihan Salesman Terbaik

Entin Sutinah


 Technological advances which are growing rapidly at this time incredibly help human beings in doing some works, one of which can help them determine a decision. PD.STB Motor is a Trading Company engaged in the sale of motorbike spare parts. From the beginning up to now, PD.STB Motor has been progressing so rapidly with a sufficient number of employees including twelve salesmen. With that number of salesmen, the company is facing difficulty in choosing the best salesman to be promoted to Sales Manager. At this time the company determines the best salesman only by looking at the number of sales turnover produced by each salesman and less attention to other factors that can support the assessment which resulting in management's wrong decision. It can also lead to the impression of favoritism towards one of the salesmen and might cause social jealousy. The purpose of this study is to know the process of selecting the best salesman currently running and to provide an alternative problem solving method by implementing a decision support system called Profile Matching in choosing the best salesman. Also to perform the process of selecting the best salesman by using Profile Matching method so that it can assist the company in solving the problems encountered to get a right decision. The result obtained from several steps that have been applied using method matching profile is a right decision according to the management's expectation and they can choose the best salesman who will be promoted to Sales Manager.   Keywords: GAP, Decision, Profile Matching, Salesman




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