Proses Seleksi Karyawan Baru Bagian Sales pada PT Mitra Sukses Karya Bersama Bekasi

Silvia Rahmawati • Shalahuddin Shalahuddin
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kantor • 2017


  This research examined the selection process for a new employee sales section. The employee selection process the sales go through several stages, there are Selection file job applications, job applicants Callings, direct supervisor interviews, reference checks by the Human Resources Manager and final admission decision whether applicants are accepted or rejected work. It is suggested in the stages of selection process for employees in the sales do also process the test acceptance, medical tests and tests of knowledge products. The test acceptance conducted to determine the personality of the prospective applicants, medical tests are being conducted to determine the health of the applicants. Product knowledge test to determine the level of knowledge of the applicant about the product to be sold.   Keywords: Process Selection, Selection files, interviews, admissions decisions.




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