Kemahiran Sekretaris dalam Menyusun Surat

Margaretha Sri Udari
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kantor • 2017 Indonesia


 Although the presence of communication devices is very high and gives very high expectations for ease, accuracy, and accuracy to access information, but the letter is still used communication devices that have high efficiency. The letter is still used as a tool to replace a corporate body, reminder device, written proof, historical evidence, and as a means of verification. On the other hand, the advancement of a communication tool raises a bad view of the existence of a secretary if to obtain information and convey information can be done by means of communication without going through a letter and even without going through a secretary. In fact, until now the letter still has an important role in business activities as well as in official matters. Various information and transactions are submitted by corporate bodies or by individuals using letters as a written communication tool connecting between two or more parties. Letters are also ambassadors of corporate bodies reflecting the presence of the senders of both corporate bodies and individuals. Based on information from various sources that the author obtained, the letters are presented well and in harmony with the contents that are easy to understand in addition to an interesting form. A professional secretary is encouraged to be proficient in preparing business letters and business letters tailored to technological advancements in the digital age.. Proficiency in making letters can be divided into good and correct Indonesian language and correct USAge.   Keywords: letter, secretary, correspondence, communicative




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