Penerapan Motivasi Karyawan Menurut Teori Dua Faktor Frederick Herzberg pada PT Aristika Kreasi Mandiri

Maya Andriani • Kristiana Widiawati
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kantor • 2017

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


Employees are the human resources that are important for the company because it has a role as a potential driver of all activities of the company. Companies who have qualified human resources can easily integrate with the company's vision to its employees so that the company's goal to achieve company goals can be achieved. Employees are always changing productivity of labor, need encouragement for the proper performance of the company in order to work properly. Motivation is one topic that is often observed in organizational behavior, motivation is a force resulting from a person's desire to satisfy their needs. Employees fulfill her wish is to work. Therefore the objective of this study was to determine the application of motivation given by the company is comparing the theory of two factors Herzberg to the facts in the field include salaries, work condition, company policy and administration, interpersonal relation, quality supervisisor, achievement, recognition, the work itself ,responsibility, and development of individual potential.   Keywords: Employee, Motivation, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources.




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