Komponen Kompensasi Pekerja Level Staf Berstatus Pekerja Waktu Tak Tertentu pada PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Jakarta Selatan

Endang Puspita Sari • Helenia Touana
Journal article Jurnal Administrasi Kantor • 2017 Indonesia


 Compensation has an important role for the company, because compensation reflects the company to maintain and improve the welfare of employees. If compensations is inadequate, it can reduce work performance, motivation to work, and the satisfaction of the employee's work can even lead to a potential out of the company. Based on the results of these studies can be concluded that components of compensation in the company are financial compensation with direct payment such as wages remain, incentives, allowances area, allowances position,  and allowancesf pulses. Financial compensation with indirect payment such as health insurance, contributions to retirement, the aid money off, and the holiday allowance. The compensation for the financial as the position promotion sport facilities.   Keywords: Benefit, Compensation, Staff.




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