Metode Waterfall untuk Sistem Informasi Penjualan

Asep Abdurrahman • Siti Masripah


The development of technology not only into the world of games (games) digital but penetrated throughout the sector, both industrial sector and business sector, one of which is home-based business and private business. as a businessman is an obligation in following the development of technology to advance his business. The system that occurs in the Manika cake shop engaged in the sale of food, still doing the transaction transaction process manually, ranging from recording customers, storage of data related to the sales process to preparing reports, making it possible at the time of the process there was a mistake in the recording, the inaccuracy of reports made and the delays in searching the necessary data. To overcome these problems the authors use the development of the system is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with Waterfall method in the design of information systems, starting from analyzing software requirements, design, implementation, and Testing. The design of information systems is the best solution to solve the problems existing in this company, as well as with a computerized system can be achieved an effective and efficient activity in supporting activities in this company.   Keywords: System development, System sales, Waterfall




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