Algoritma Hungarian dalam Menentukan Pembagian Tugas sebagai Manajemen Jurnal pada Open Journal System (OJS)

Herlawati Herlawati


 Many universities have implemented Open journal system (OJS) to increase the publication performance. Such an Open source system can help journal staff in online publishing. There are ten tasks in journal management, but in this paper seven tasks are discussed, namely: writer, layout editor, proofreader, journal manager, reviewer, editor, and copy-editor. Hungarian algorithm was used as a task method of research methodology. This research used two applications (Excel QM and QM for Windows V5) and created two different task formations with the same time allocation (24 hours). Although different formations results, some staffs had the same task for both formation.   Keywords: excel QM V5.2, hungarian algorithm, journal management, open journal system, QM for Windows V5




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