Implementasi Knowledge Sharing Berbasis Android dalam Pembudidayaan Hewan Hias (Leopard Gecko)

Herlambang Brawijaya


The management of knowledge (knowledge management) is very important in aninstitution or organization to acquire and share knowledge (knowledge sharing) in order todevelop the human resource potential and manage the company's assets or intellectualinstitutions, thus becoming close attention of Peternakan Budidaya Leopard Gecko 68 ReptilesFarm Surabaya. The purpose of this study was to keep knowledge possessed employees, andbuilt a knowledge sharing application based on android which can assist employees inknowledge sharing activity and it expected to increase the productivity of employees . Themethod of this research is descriptive quantitative method which supported by The MostAdmired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE), and a model of knowledge management systemknowledge management system architecture by Amrit Tiwana. The results of this study basedon questionnaires of the implementation application of knowledge sharing for employees basedon android that are on the 4.20 – 5.00, the average value of the entire statement at 4:21 is verywell accepted.  




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