Sistem Informasi Evaluasi Dosen pada Asian Banking Finance And Informatics Institute (ABFI) Perbanas

Petrus Christo • Heny Sumarno • Widi Atmaja


In the world of education the role of lecturers as a lecturer is very important, because the lecturer is the main key that provides knowledge to students in teaching and learning process. The evaluation process of lecturers held by ABFI Institute Perbanas is still done manually by using paper media which spread the questionnaire done to the classes. This deployment system is ineffective because it requires a lot of time, cost and in calculation and making of the report is still error so that result is not fast and accurate. To overcome these problems need to design a computerized system so that the results achieved will be faster and accurate. Therefore this paper discusses the war system to evaluate the lecturers in the environment ABFI Perbanas.   Keyword: Information System, Lecture Evaluation, Rapid Aplication Development




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