Analisis Perencanaan Strategi Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi Perusahaan

Laela Kurniawati


Currently the world's need for information and communication technologies can nolonger deny. Both in companies that have a small scale as well as companies that have a largescale. With the information and communication technology, the company will be helped in doingthe job they have to do.PT.Indra Jala Yatra is one company that is engaged in freight forwardingservices. In carrying out the process bisninya many problems encountered both internal andexternal sides which led to the company can not develop optimally. So, we need technologystrategy planning and information systems in order to become a competitive company.In thisstudy the authors conducted an analysis of companies ranging from business analysis internalvalue chain analysis and analysis of strengths and weaknesses, business analysis external andanalysis of opportunities and threats and determining strategies Information System andInformation Technology of the analysis, generate management strategies include developinginformation systems at some field, the system of application, hardware, Information Technologyinfrastructure, staff / organization structure, and service Information System/InformationTechnology




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