Pengujian Sistem Informasi E-commerce Usaha Gudang Cokelat Menggunakan Uji Alpha dan Beta

Agus Suandi • Fata Nidaul Khasanah • Endang Retnoningsih


E-commerce information system is a very important role in business enterprises in a company. Chocolate Warehouse is still using conventional way in making sales transactions so that buyers must come to the store to buy and know the information of chocolate food products, for it requires e-commerce information system that can support the smoothness in conducting sales and information transactions. The purpose of this study is an attempt to create an e-commerce information system in the business of Warehouse Chocolate that has not been computerized and still using a conventional way. In this research is expected to make e-commerce information system that will be produced will be able to overcome from system which not yet computerized. For the design and development of applications, researchers use the Waterfall method as the foundation in this research.   Keyword: E-commerce, Information System




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