Strategi Knowledge Management untuk Meningkatkan Pengetahuan Berdasarkan Knowledge-Based Organizational Model

Syifa Nur Rakhmah
Journal article Information System for Educators and Professionals • 2017 Brazil • Indonesia


Knowledge management strategy is needed at this time, due to the high competitionin the telecommunications company made the company should be increase the assets of thecompany one of them is human resources. In a previous study was submitted to the StrategicKnowledge Management: In Search Of A Knowledge-Based Organizational Model, with a casestudy on one of the major companies in the country of Brazil. Knowledge managementstrategies are needed not only for the development of knowledge management, but also whenknowledge management have been applied. This is because the development of technology iscurrently growing very fast and significant. The strategy were made 10 years ago is differentfrom 10 years of strategic planning. In this study, knowledge-based organization model is used as the search for solutions in the application of knowledge management strategies in order toresolve the problems facing today's employees. Before implementing knowledge-basedorganizational model of the measurement required in advance related to the quality and thequality of human resources at PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Indonesia Jakarta using linkertscale and quality testing management of human resources with the incorporation approachknowledge management as well as ISO 9000 and EFQM Keywords : knowledge-based, knowledge management, knowledge management strategy.




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