Metode Waterfall pada Sistem Informasi Koperasi Simpan Pinjam

Oky Irnawati


 Development of information technologies that accelerate played a role in improving the quality of every agency of services, Including agency engaged in savings and loans cooperative. Data processing in large numbers conducted in computerized able to minimize the wrong may happen due to human error And processing shorten time over human speed . System data processing savings and loan in cooperatives that is still done manually often causes a number of problems of them error in recording transactions savings and loan, searching the data and the data processing savings and loan transactions , the presence of duplicating data , and the provision of the report calls for a long time. Manual system make data inaccurate , was not very effective and efficient . A computerized system is expected to be the solution for the problems that occur. Waterfall used as the methodology to explain the live system . The writers use java programming language to designing programs loan and save cooperative and mysql format to manage the databases .The results of the study in the form of engineering desktop based programs as using software netbeans 1.8 IDE.   Keywords: information system, savings and loans cooperative.




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