Aplikasi Akuntansi Penjualan Barang secara Kredit pada CV Dwi Utama Makmur Cikarang

Rahayu Ningsih • Firman Jaya Ramdani • Widya Apriliah
Journal article Jurnal Online Insan Akuntan • 2017


 Right now in this era of globalization, the information technology accelerates so fast.  Meanwhile with the presence of computer which is one of many sophisticated instruments made by people is really helpful and to ease people's work due to the emerging of both the hardware and software. CV. Dwi Utama Makmur fully needs an information system which supports and gives contented services to all customers.That is why the writer tries to make her Final Assignment concerning with the goods selling system in CV. Dwi Utama Makmur which is up to now the company has not applied the computerized system yet. At this moment, CV. Dwi Utama Makmur is a company which is operating in designs and multimedia fields. The system which is being applied now in this company still done manually, starting from the registration of customers who buy goods, the handling of other records or data related to the selling process until the phase of making the reports, one of those phases might trigger some mistakes in doing the registration,  less of accurateness from the reports made by and the lateness in finding required data or documents. The computerized system is not only the best solution to solve some problems appeared in this company, but also with this computerized system the company would attain enermous advantages since they are capable of doing those activities effectively and efficiently. The use of computerized system is so much better than the manual one because it can make the system runs smoothly, effectively and efficiently and indeed, the current selling system  is more conducive than the prior system.   Keywords:  Application, Accounting, Selling, Credit.




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