Pengaruh Faktor-Faktor Internal dan Makro Ekonomi terhadap Kinerja Perbankan Nasional

Indra Wijaya • Sarjono Sahar
Journal article Jurnal Online Insan Akuntan • 2017 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 20 pages)


The National Banking Architecture at 2010 had done very well to establish the competitive and healthy Banks in Indonesian economics. However, with the experience of economics crisis in other countries and also Indonesian crisis', it's needed to evaluate the performance and health of the banks. The measurement to do  as usual was how to evalute the profitability of banks, but in this research the key indicator for performance was the credit growth of Indonesian National Banks. The credit growth of the banks were influenced of internal factors. They were  Non Performing Loan, Capital Adequancy Ratio, Biaya Operasional per Pendapatan Nasional, Loan to Deposit Ratio as internal factors, also the exchange rate and the inflation as external factors that ever showed the power to shake the Banking industry in 1998 - 2008. The objects of research were go public Banks between 2009 – 2013, active banks in trading and day frequencies and the banks have no merger or acquisition between those years. The model of the research was the multiple regression and would be solved by SPSS version 19.  The result showed that the government Banks have significant credit growth than private Banks, Biaya Operasional per Pendapatan Operasional and Exchange Rate have negative effects on the Credit Growth and the Inflation has a positive effect on the Credit Growth.   Keywords: Non Performing Loan,   Capital Adequancy Ratio, Biaya Operasional per Pendapatan Operasional, Loan to Deposit Ratio, Exchange Rate, Inflation, and Credit Growth




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