Pengolahan Data Keuangan Menggunakan Zahir Accounting 5.1 pada Yayasan Pendidikan Islam An – Nuur Bogor

Emma Febriarti • Sri Muryani • Syahbaniar Rofiah


Yayasan Pendidikan Islam An-Nuur established the children's educational institutionsnamed TKA-TPA Plus An-Nuur. Input system revenue SPP, Uniform sales revenue, Cash Out andOperational costs in the TKA-TPA Plus An-Nuur Bogor still manual, in inputting in the financialstatements carried one by one from transactions. Financial statements every month, or every yearare made based diary thus enabling operational processes accurred when an error occurs thatresult in less accurate reports that are made and the delay in the processing of financial statementsoccurred. The use of computer applications accounting financial statements on TKA-TPA Plus AnNuurBogor is the best solution to solve the existing problems, the system can be achievedcomputerized a job that could support the operations.




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