Melatih Kecerdasan Linguistik & Spasial Anak Berbasis Animasi Interaktif

Sopian Aji • Warjiyono Warjiyono • Angga Ardiansyah


The Media learning that rely solely on writing tools such as books, paper, pencil or pen in the teaching-learning process led to the lack of communication between the lancaran parents or teachers with children or students. The letter Alif is a letter of the qur'an and is written using the Arabic alphabet. In this case the media learning must be more creative in applying learning methods in order to increase interest in learning at the age of toddlers especially learning to read to toddlers in order to supply the science before proceeding to further education. With the application of interactive animation is expected to benefit our children. Learning media presented certainly learn while playing with the aim of menumbuhan interest to learn and introduce information technology in the toddler-aged children.   Keywords: Interactive Animation, Wit, Toddlers  




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