Aplikasi Akuntansi untuk Menyusun Laporan Keuangan pada Koperasi Amanah Jakarta

Nur Majdina Hibatur Rahman • Sri Muryani
Journal article Information Management for Educators and Professionals • 2017 Indonesia


Cooperative Amanah is one of the enterprises engaged in services. The occurrence of errors also allows occurs when making financial reports that lack of accuracy of reports generated and the delay in the search for the required data. Amanah Cooperative require once the existence of an accounting application that support and provide ease in processing financial data and make informed business decisions quickly and accurately. To the authors make the final project on the processing of financial transactions using Zahir Accounting 5.1, as Zahir Accounting 5.1 is not just a mere report provider device and easy to use without having to learn accounting theory directly. By using the application program Zahir Accounting 5.1, it can reduce errors that may occur in the processing of financial data.   Keywords: accounting applications, cooperative, financial reporting, zahir accounting




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