Membangun Interface Sistem Informasi Dosen Penasehat Akademik Berbasis Web

Rita Wahyuni Arifin

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 The increase of student achievement that is taught and guided in both academic and non academic field is a pride for each lecturer mandated as Academic Advisory Lecturer (PA) in a class. The problem faced by Lecturers of PA is sometimes that lecturers do not always teach the class that dibimbingnya so difficult in the adjustment of guidance time between students with lecturers, and also the unavailability of means to perform this task well. As a result of these obstacles, the number of students absent in the classroom is increasing and difficult to control, the demotivation of students in facing the decreasing value resulting from information about academic activities is not absorbed by the students with the maximum information such as UTS, UAS implementation, subsequent examination, and ultimately the number of students did not complete the time in time with timely or increased DO. To overcome the above problems required an information system of web-based academic advisory lecturer. The reason used by writers why should be web-based is sometimes lecturer who appointed to lecturer of PA in certain semester do not teach that class, so that guidance activity that can be done is using information system of web based lecturer of PA. The methods used in solving this problem are from the stages of problem identification, needs analysis, and system design. Academic Advisory Information System Lecturer (PA) is built using PHP programming language and using MySQL database. A web-based information system is expected to assist PA Lecturers in monitoring student progress.   Keywords: Information Systems, Academic Advisors Lecturer, Web-Based, MySQL.




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