Sistem Informasi Akuntansi Perusahaan Dagang Menggunakan Zahir Accounting Versi 5.1

Dema Istiana • Indah Ariyati


 The development of information technology became the main reason for the community to produce information more quickly, precisely and accurately. In the era of rapid technological developments, there are still many companies that process financial data manually. The author conducted research at PT.Aurindo Jaya Perkasa Bekasi where the accounting data processing is still very manual. The author processes accounting data using accounting software that is Zahir Accounting Version 5.1.  Accounting information system makes it easy to create reports, because it is automatically presented from transactions that have been entered during the period. It is expected that accounting data processing in the form of accounting information system using Zahir Accounting can save working time and reduce errors in generating financial statements. The financial statements as quantitative information about the financial position and its changes as well as the results achieved over a given period become more very easy, fast and accurate   Keywords: financial statements, accounting information, zahir accounting




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